PlanetFriendly.SHOP is a multivendor global online eco-marketplace connecting suppliers, buyers, producers and sellers of sustainable, recycled, homemade, second hand, or green goods and ecotourist services.

The platform is run by PlanetFriendly.SHOP (Pvt) Ltd in collaboration with an environmental non-profit.

Contact: my.planetfriendlyshop@gmail.com; admin@planetfriendly.shop


Melsy Sibanda and a partner are the co-founders of PlanetFriendly.Shop. Melsy is an environmentalist, accountant and climate auditing enthusiast . She is the Co-Founder and Team Leader of PlanetFriendly.Shop

Melsy is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

She can be contacted on my.planetfriendlyshop@gmail.com